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APA, Innovation and Integrity Publication

1Annual Performance Agreement (APA) : 2018-19Download
2Report on Small Improvement Project (SIP).Download
3Small Improvement Project (SIP) List.Download
4Committee of the implementation of the Small Improvement Project (SIP)Download
5Committee of the implementation of the National Integrity Strategy : 2017-18Download
6Implementation of National Integrity Strategy and Action Plan : 2017-18Download
7Annual Performance Agreement (APA) : 2017-18Download
8Annual Performance Managment Team : 2017-18Download
9Innovation Action Plan : 2017-18Download
10Innovation Team: 2017-18Download
11Innovation Actionplan-2016 as part of the implementation report of online billing & hotline.Download
12Evaluation report of the Actions taken by the Actionplan for Innovation Team-2016Download