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Financial Aspects

Financial Position During Last 5 Years

1Gas Sales (Million Taka)13017.2814074.3117651.8020124.197456.06
2Net Profit (Million Taka)1389.561372.32946.922219.73669.99
3Rate of Return(%)48.0447.7333.24--
4Debt & Equity Ratio(:)3:972.74:97.262.45:97.55--
5Contribution to National Exchequer (Million Taka)728.701261.201156.101454.0149.22
6Debt Service Liability ( DSL ) Payment (Million Taka)37.1027.0041.7047.620.00

Financial Position During Last 5 Years-2

1Paid- up Capital1226.18 million
2Authorised Capital8000.00 million
3Deposit For Share2752.21 million